Woman Crush Wednesday: Zoe Saldaña (tasteful nudity)

Zoe Saldana

Because Beautiful

Because Badass

Because Star Trek

Because Avatar

Because Marvel and Guardians of the Galaxy (Seriously though, is it only the trekkie in me that sees Orion Uhura?)

Because Sweethearts

Because Damn

And Finally, Because Beautiful, Badass and Star Trek


Braden Summers’ All Love Is Equal

Most of you have probably seen the photography series All Love Is Equal by Braden Summers, but if you haven’t, I’d thought I’d share it with you. You can find the Buzz Feed article here or if you click on the pictures.

Summers, a gay man and a photographer, got tired of the misrepresentation of gay men and women in media and thought to change it himself, travelling all over the world, creating romantic scenes with a click of his finger. Show the world that love is beautiful, love is equal.

His own website can be found here.


Super Junior; Leeteuk

Leeteuk, whose real name is Park Jung-soo, will turn 29 this year on July 1.

Leeteuk is his stage name, which means “special” .

He’s the leader of the famous korean boy band Super Junior…

 …and has been since the beginning, in 2005.

Aside from being naturally awesome and beautiful, Leeteuk can also play some instruments,
namely piano, saxophone and guitar.

He also has a very unique and “special” laugh.

He’s in an OTP (One True Pairing) with other member Kangin.

And if the rumours are true, our beloved Leeteuk is leaving for the military in October..

… Just as his OTP comes back from it.. *sadface*

Our Leeteuk is special, and we E.L.Fs will always love him!