Woman Crush Wednesday: Zoe Saldaña (tasteful nudity)

Zoe Saldana

Because Beautiful

Because Badass

Because Star Trek

Because Avatar

Because Marvel and Guardians of the Galaxy (Seriously though, is it only the trekkie in me that sees Orion Uhura?)

Because Sweethearts

Because Damn

And Finally, Because Beautiful, Badass and Star Trek


I’m Probably On Government Watchlists

I now have a new excuse not to talk to people. “Sorry, can’t chat. I’m mentally choreographing the next sex scene in my new Star Trek fic”. Totally valid. Thank you songlinwrites, you made my day.


Come Back K’ehleyr


The pain when you fall in love with a character and they only appear in two episodes. Damn you TNG! Currently watching the 4th season and I love half-klingon K’ehleyr, unfortunately she’s only in two episodes and she won’t appear in any more (considering TNG ended in 1994). Oh the joy of being an emotionally invested fangirl (insert heavily sarcastic tone here).


Oh My God I’m Evolving

So you know lots of people have more than one computer screens? I do, two of them. Normally I watch something, like a tv-show or youtube on the big one and do other stuff like reading or gaming on the smaller one. Today however, I realized I was doing something incredibly hard without realizing it. I was watching a youtube clip on the small screen and a Star Trek: TNG  episode on the big one, and I could follow both. Now though I have a bit of a headache, I don’t have the brainpower for watching and listening to two different things at the same time, but it was fun while it lasted. Wrong kind of multitasking for the brain.

The Youtube clip I was watching.

Star Trek The Next Generation Season 3 Episode 25 Transfigurations