More About Me


Hi, nice to meet you!

My name is Linnéa and this is my blog (obviously)!

I’m 23 and while boxes are complicated, I usually put myself in the genderfluid and demisexual boxes. For me though, sexuality is incredibly fluid, I’ve also been in the bisexual and pansexual boxes, but as I read more and connect with other LGBTQ people out there, I connect more with myself.

I’m currently single and while I’ve tried dating, it hasn’t worked very well and it’s not worth forcing myself out there. I’m happy where I’m at but if the spark hits me I’m not going to complain.

I’m also a complete nerd. I hang around tumblr all day, and if that’s my second home, then AO3 is my third. Fandoms, video games and tv-shows are what I live for. If you wanna talk stuff like Doctor Who, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Sherlock, Merlin (etc), I’m the person to go to! I also like K-pop, while I’m not as fanatic about it as I was a year ago, I still listen to it a lot.
If I’m not on tumblr you can find playing games through my steam account, the AC games or Mass Effect, most likely.

Wanna hang out with me on tumblr and/or AO3, you can find me under the username; TheGeekIsShowing



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