Asexual Brother?

So I’ve always wondered what my brother thinks about sexuality and last week I asked him. He’s 19 to be 20, he has asperger and mostly acts like he’s 14. I talked to him about sexuality not being black and white. I told him what bisexuality, pansexuality and asexuality was. That you can love and find anyone attractive, or you don’t have to feel attracted to anyone at all and that’s okay. I told I was asking since when he came to visit me where I lived I shared my apartment with a gay couple and I wanted to know how comfortable he’d been with that. He answered that he hadn’t really thought about it. Then I asked him what he thought he liked. He hesitated a bit and the said that he didn’t really feel attracted to anyone, boy or girl. I told him that’s okay, and it is. If he later on in life settles down with a woman I won’t give it much thought, and even if I think it’s unlikely that he’ll ever settle down that way with a boy, I wouldn’t bat an eyelash. As it is, my brother doesn’t like either boys or girls and if that is how it’ll be for the rest of his life, I’ll support him fully, as I always have.


One thought on “Asexual Brother?

  1. Oh I saw an excellent documentary on Asexuality recently. It was very interesting- I had never really considered a vibrant asexual community before! In any event
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    Cheers & With Pride,



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