Day 11: Your Favorite K-Pop Music Video

Oh. This is a difficult one.

I can’t just choose one, so I’ll choose 4 instead. 1 Super Junior, 1 Boy Group, 1 Girl Group and 1 Mixed Group. ^^

Ok, first we have this one (Mixed Group):

This is Bbiribbom Bbaeribom – Co-Ed School. I really love it because it’s cute, colorful and slightly crazy. Just like most of my friends like to describe me. So that’s why I love it. 🙂

Next for Boy Group we have this one;

Haru Haru – Big Bang is not one of those upbeat songs that I usually listen to. But I fell in love with this MB because it’s so sad and beautiful. It made me cry the first times I watched it and an MV that can do that is high on my list of favorites. G-Dragon running at 3:33 and onward is especially heartbreaking.

This one is technically not a Girl Group, but I’ll pick it anyway;

This is Princess and Prince Charming – Sunny Hill. They are a mixed group with 4 girls and 1 guy, but the guy, Janghyun, is currently doing military service so is not in this MV. It’s charming and quirky and the girls are so good at what they’re doing. I like that they’re not typical korean beauties and have there on persona. No hate on SNSD but they all have long hair and is size zero. I love the chicken dance and the dogs!

And lastly my favorite Super Junior MV;

And here there will be no MV until I’ve seen the new ones from 6JIB! I can’t wait to see what the boy’s been up to with the new album! Super Junior Whaiting!


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