Day 3: Your favorite mixed group

I actually haven’t listened to that much mixed groups, but I browsed a bit on Youtube and found these guys. Their songs Too Late and Bbiribbom Bberibbom are awesome, I love the mvs, especially Bbiribbom Bberibbom. They’re 4 girls and 6 guys in the group. They debuted in 2010 and fans, “classmates”, are waiting for their comeback. member Kangho withdrew in 2011 to focus on acting and Soomi left to pursue acting in 2012. New members Nayeon and Saejoon have been added.

 However, my absolute favorite when it comes to mixed genders is the Big Bang ft. 2NE1 MV Lollipop.. It’s actually the debuting mv for 2NE1! Even if it’s not a mixed group, it’s still awesome.. 😛

co-ed school

for a song, big bang 2ne1 lollipop


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