I’m a girl, but I’m not a girly girl. I like going around in dresses and skirts and do my sexy makeup.

But I don’t do all the foundation, rogue stuff. I never have anything in my hair.

And most days I just slap on a pair of harempants and a random top to go with it.

I’m too girly to be a boy and too “boyish” to be a girl.

Androgynous inside.


One thought on “Androgynity

  1. My name is Rischa I’m a lesbian, doing research with our community.

    I am passionate about research because professionals use studies like this one to make decisions about our health care.

    I was hoping that you would want to get involved, especially by spreading the word on FB, Blogs, (real friends) Etc.

    For this study, we are looking for women (trans-community included) 18 years of age or older, who self-identify as lesbian, bisexual, queer, or questioning (LBQ). The purpose of this study is to learn about gender presentation and substance use in LBQ women.

    This study had been approved by the St. John’s University IRB. Thank you for your time.


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