Full Out Lesbian; A Hiding Place From Boys?

No, this is not a post about me telling you that there’s no such thing as being a lesbian, although I think lots of guys probably believe this to a 100 %. This is about my friend, Red. She’s having a problem, that most girls wouldn’t even consider to be a problem.

She has a line of guys after her(currently 5 guys actively going after her), wanting to be her boyfriend and/or just get into her pants. This has been going on for a while and she’s getting sick of it. As soon as she tells on guys she’s not interested, there’s another one there taking the first guy’s place. Now, it needs to say that my friend isn’t that hot babe everyone thinks all the guys want, she’s actually rather ordinary looking. She’s very short, with glasses, never wears makeup and her head is a little too big for her tiny body. Now I’m not saying this to be mean, she’s my best friend here, and her personality is great. But if you just see to her looks you can’t really get why they go after her.

She’s recently told me that she’s considering going lesbian or something just to get them off her back. She’s not just saying this to get them off her back, as she’s bisexual and truly wishes to explore the “same side”, but can’t at the moment. She’s sick of being hunted by guys and wants to be the one doing the hunting.

Because of all this, there’s been going around some nasty rumors about her and she hates it. I don’t know what to do to help her, where we live it’s difficult to really go looking for someone of the same sex, and right now she’s so turned off by the opposite sex that she just want to scream “I’m a lesbian!” at them all. I understand why.

So what should she do about getting them off her back? It’s not like she can just wear a sign around her neck advertising her disinterest… Any advice you can give, that I can pass on to her?

Brightest Love, Ditzy Rainbow


3 thoughts on “Full Out Lesbian; A Hiding Place From Boys?

  1. It always baffles me why girls feel they can’t tell guys they are simply not interested and prefer to make some excuse or tell a lie. Is this because they lack courage to confront a boy or they don’t want to hurt their feelings? It doesn’t matter if you are straight or gay, if you’re not interested it should be okay to say so and everyone move along. If she feels unsafe then she should tell someone.


    • She tells them, she’s got no problem with being straightforward. The problem is that, most of those guys are also firstly her friends, and she hates how many friendships are destroyed because they can’t seem to stay on the right side of the line. Of course she doesn’t want to hurt their feelings, but she doesn’t want to be leading them on either. And she’s gotten a bad reputation with the some of the girl’s as well because of it, and she just hates the situation.


  2. “If she feels unsafe then she should tell someone.”

    Exactly. If she is not feeling she can handle this situation any longer, she needs to go to a mature person that can help. Is it that bad where she is that she feels that there is no person that can help so she’d rather say she is something she is not? She may or may not be able to fix her reputation with some of the girls. There will always be someone talking about you, there will always be whispers. A lot of people don’t have anything else to do with themselves.


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