It’s Always Harder To Talk To Yourself Than Others

So I was surfing around Reddit and came upon this post, a 15 yr old confused about being bisexual or not, which I commented on. It was surprisingly easy to write about myself in this comment. Surprising because I’ve struggled to write about my feeling on this subject, and for it to flow so easily when I speak of it to help someone else is interesting. That’s just the way I am I guess.

Anyway, thought I’d share my comment on the post, since it describes how I see my “situation”. A more detailed post will probably come later, but right now this is it.


When I was 14 I was kissed by a girl, when I didn’t think it was disgusting I thought I was bisexual. When I was 21, I came upon the word pansexual and that felt so much better than bisexual.

Now, at 22, I’m having difficulties, realizing that this has nothing to do with my sexuality, but with my gender. I’m currently exploring what genderqueer and dual gender means, as I’ve ALWAYS had a boy in my head, even though I like make-up and pretty dresses, sometimes I just want to have a penis.

So, while some people are sure of who and “what” they are at a young age, some take a longer. Relax, explore and see what really is for you. There is no shame in questioning your sexuality or you gender.


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